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A Digital Dream

It is not an easy task to quantify how critical it is to stay connected in today’s day and age; to be able to gain knowledge or to have seamless access to information anytime, anywhere. When 31-year-old Atul Salunkhe, a small-time turmeric farmer ... Read more

Finding the Right Mentor for your Career

We all have goals. Some are major, some are minor. More often than not, we strive hard to realize them. We fall, we stumble, but we eventually put things together. It is a satisfying experience when we try things out our own way, with trial and ... Read more


Time has a different meaning for everyone. Some spend endless hours creating a single musical note; some crack business deals in a matter of minutes. But in this fast paced world, time is the most important commodity and a disciplined consumption ... Read more

A Matter of Emotional Intelligence

It was in 2006 that Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan revisited his calling and went on to design a programme to train people to become more mindful in life. In a year’s time, Tan rolled out the first "Search Inside Yourself" course for ... Read more

Communication Enablers

Communication is the lifeline of an organization. It is an assertion one can make without employing any measure of exaggeration whatsoever. In an organizational culture, characterized by multinational operations and a diverse spectrum of human ... Read more

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Corporates are stirring the strategy cauldron to fish out ideas to fire up the creativity potential of their employees. After all, innovation and creativity go hand in hand. And nothing drives home success better than innovation itself. The ... Read more

CSR – Driving Employees

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes not only provide companies the opportunity to do good but also have a domino effect on the employees. Research has established that the biggest take away for employees taking part in CSR programmes is ... Read more

Ten Must-Reads on Management

Managing employees and a business is a full-time occupation in itself. Identifying opportunities, exploring possibilities, evaluating risks, and bringing people together requires expertise. While countless books exploring the various aspects ... Read more